Share Your Story

Are you snuggling your baby or child, and looking back in awe and admiration of how God used your time of waiting while you struggled with infertility or suffered the pain of a miscarriage? Please prayerfully consider sharing your story so that others might be uplifted and inspired by the ways that God showered you with his faithfulness. Looking back God's plan is always so perfect, but trusting in Him in the moment is admittedly more challenging. Everyone's story is unique, and yours might be the one to give an aching soul the comfort that they need and the reminder that God loves us so deeply and is forever faithful!

I know some of you might be thinking, "I'm not a writer", but guess what? It truly does not matter because this story is going to come from your heart and I believe that God will give you the words to speak. Here are some questions to help guide you:

  • How long was your infertility journey? 
  • What was your infertility diagnosis?
  • Did you suffer miscarriage(s)?
  • What were some of the feelings that you experienced?
  • How did you find the support and encouragement that you needed to get through it all?
  • How did God shower you with his love and faithfulness?
  • In what ways has this journey changed your life?
  • What are some of the "silver linings" or gifts from God as a result of this experience? 


Stories can be published anonymously or can be linked back to blogs/personal sites if requested. If you'd prefer your story to be published anonymously, please indicate so you in your email. Pictures to share of your happy family are also welcomed!