The Prayer

Long before the idea for this site even existed, I prayed that God would reveal his purpose for me in this season of waiting. I had heard stories of the crazy and unbelievable ways he had used the pain, the suffering, the wait to fulfill his plans for some friends and acquaintances. So during my time with God one morning, I prayed that he would help me understand why he was making me wait for a baby. Without even thinking about it, these words tumbled out of my mouth - "Lord, I will wait. If it means that I can't get pregnant for a long time, fine. Just help me to understand what your purpose is in all of this. Help me to listen, to understand your plan. I trust you. I will wait." 

The words scared me so much that it took me all day to find the courage to share them with Seth. I don't know why this is just all colliding in my brain right now, but I realized this morning that it was not long after this prayer that I had the idea to create this site. I suppose I partially blocked out the prayer considering that during it, I sacrificed getting pregnant for some time, but sometimes I think the most obvious things are the hardest to see - why is that?! I shared the idea with some close friends and family, and felt resounding encouragement, along with nudges from God to go for it. 

I am so thankful that Jesus tuned my ears to hear his voice and his call for my season of waiting, and am humbled that he has chosen me to minister to those going through a similar struggle. These stories are so powerful, and are some of the very best testaments to our God, his power and his love. I pray that these stories reach far beyond my own circle, and that others might be moved to have a relationship with Christ as a result. The thought of this infertility journey without my faith to lean on is one of the most terrifying things I can think of, so I pray that this site and these stories reveal glimpses of his majesty and grace, of his sacrifice, and his unfailing love.

Love and prayers,