Libby's Story

Hey all! Today's story is from Libby, a new friend of mine thanks to this site and social media. I think you all will really love what she has written and you MUST watch the video on her site (link below). Enjoy! And Happy Friday! Love & Prayers, Mer

Hello there, new friend.

My name is Libby. I am excited to share with you our story.  I am married to a handsome runner\preacher man, Isaac, and we have lived in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia for the last seven years where we've created a wonderful life together with our pup, Russ. I love social media and believe we can create a beautiful community filled with deep friendships. My motto: it is what you make it. I would love to get to know you, so let’s become friends. I am a lover of all stories – the beauty of ordinary, messy days. If you want to hear more of our story and follow our journey to our daughter, please come on over to: I would love to hear from you. 

Now that we're introduced, here is what has been on my heart lately.

He can do it for you
by Libby Wendland

I have lived long enough to know that each person fights a battle. No one is given “the easy way out” and we all have something to fight. I just never knew my battle would be to become a mother.

In December of 2011, my husband and I made the conscious decision to start trying to have a child. I had just graduated college and my husband had one year left, it seemed like impeccable timing. It wasn’t until August of 2012, that I thought we were pregnant for the first time considering I was three days late. I drove knowing I was pregnant and smiled the whole way to Walgreens to get the pregnancy test. It was the night we would watch Team USA go for the gold and it was going to be the textbook timing to tell my husband – a man training for the Olympic Trials - , he would have a future runner joining the family. I bought the cutest bib months before as it boldly stated “My Dad is Faster Than Your Dad” to lead up to this moment. I started dinner and was about to get ready for the night when I decided to take the test. And when I did the unlikely happened yet again:

No line appeared. No line ever appeared.

That night was the night I knew something must be wrong.

One year after that night of disappointment, we found out: we might not be able to have biological children naturally.

I fell into a subtle quiet depression. I avoided the baby aisle at Target like the plague and anytime I saw a baby, I ached. That hardest part about our journey was - I had to relinquish my timelines. I have always planned, dreamed, and hoped… things worked for me. I was known as someone who “could get things done.”  But, one thing I could never control or make happen was my dream of becoming a mother.

____ ____

I smile as I write those words now; I smile with hot tears running down because He could do the impossible for me. And He did.

I knew Jesus all my life. I was raised in the church as a pastor’s daughter, but the year I got our diagnosis I met Jesus – the man that walked this broken world. Many of you might be confused, but those of us who have walked the valley of death more times than we will ever want to know know exactly what I am saying – I met the Man of Sorrows.

He came in so gently and understood my anger, fears, and greatest disappointments. He let me speak in rage and agony and then in His humility would show His glory. I learned that glory and gore go hand in hand. I learned He was the closest to the broken hearted, if only we would let Him sit with us in our pain. He wasn’t afraid of my questions or appalled by my tears.  He was big enough to hold my mess.

I learned that our greatest disappointments could be divine appointments when we take them to the Man of Sorrows.  

I learned if I would give up all my plans and timelines, He could do something magically beautiful for me.

He could take the pen from the horror story I thought we were in and write a story only His heart could pen.

So, I surrendered. I embraced the story He could write from this brokenness and I began sharing my shaky voice – a voice so scared to let people know I was in pain – and owned my story. When I did, I saw my weakness showed His strength and glory in more ways than I could envision.

Jesus took two stories of brokenness and drew a completed picture.

I was given a daughter on November 18th, 2014 on my 26th birthday. We are bravely waiting to bring her home and I cannot wait to hold my Eden. When I saw Eden, I saw the bigger picture. I do not believe God wanted our diagnosis or Eden’s troubled beginnings, but I do believe that when we give Him our brokenness He can change the story’s ending.

That is what He did for me and I know that is what He can do for you.

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