Cindy's Story

To all who are waiting:
I'd  like to begin with a scripture, I Thessalonians 5:18, "Give thanks in ALL circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

Okay, now let's begin. My husband John and I had been married for 10 years. We were told we could not have children. One day, the Lord brought to my memory a series of events that when totaled would lead to pregnancy! I called my doctor and he said, "There's no way you could be pregnant but come in and we'll do an ultrasound." I was 2 months pregnant. Only God!

I was a high risk pregnancy so I had weekly ultrasounds to monitor Jonathan's progress. One week my good friends and neighbors wanted to see my ultrasound. Sounds odd but sure, so together Bob, Zenna and I went to the sonogram. Bob asked if he could see an enlarged part of the heart. That's really strange because he knew NOTHING about ultrasounds. The technician was happy to comply. When she enlarged the picture she noticed a problem and immediately sent me to the hospital for better imaging. The team of doctors said Jonathan had 3 chambers in his heart instead of 4. We were devastated. Our miracle baby was going to die when he was born, and would only live 1 to 2 weeks.

Well, John and I and many others began praying for our miracle baby. The doctors were 98 percent sure of their diagnosis. We were 98 percent sure God would heal Jonathan. (Remember I Thess. 5:18), we were 100 percent sure God was in the center of all of this and he had plans too wonderful for us to know. Psalm 139 tells us so! 

We were asked to make a decision about a heart transplant for Jonathan. This was the only option 23 years ago. We prayed and decided no. It would be no quality of life for a child. We begged God to not have us make that decision because it wasn't ours to make; it was God's.  Over and over we prayed this. The team of heart surgeons we met with said they would not do the transplant if Jonathan's organs were flipped. This is quite common. We  had no idea that many  people have flipped organs. Anyway, it would have been too hard to deal with all the arteries and tiny veins if the organs were flipped. We told the team no heart transplant.

Jonathan was 4 months old (in utero) when all this began. He was born on June 2 by c section by our wonderful physician.  Well, he was born just as the doctors said he would be - 3 chambers instead of 4. There was one thing though; Jonathan's organs were FLIPPED. So God had made the decision. He really is in all circumstances loving us right through it all. No REGRETS because we didn't have to make the decision.

Jonathan lived 5 days. On day 5 John had taken Jonathan for a walk, and while he was gone I looked at the clock in my room and The Lord impressed on me that Jonathan had died. John walked in the room, tears in his eyes, and I said, "I know." 

God had been so faithful to us through such a difficult and trying time. We learned to ask God for the moon, whatever your heart wants, and trust trust trust him with the outcome. We were not devastated because God gives grace to our souls in sorrow. We believe he was so pleased with our outrageous trust! The best is yet to come!!!!

One month later, July 5th, my birthday, we got a call from an adoption attorney we did not pursue who said, "A baby has been born. Do you want him?" We had our son Adam in our arms 1 month after Jonathan died. Best birthday gift I'll ever receive!

We have learned so much about God's care, his lavish love for us, and how he can be trusted for EVERYTHING in our lives. That was 23 years ago and were still seeing his incomprehensible provision. Psalm 37:5 "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act."

God's plan was the best plan ever! Thank you, Lord!