Let Me

You want to know what I think is one of the most difficult parts of a season of waiting?


Obedience in the stillness.

Obedience in the not yet.

Obedience to the voice that says no, not that one. No, not that choice. No, not that way.

My way. This way. This is my call for you. 

I know you think it's painful. I know it seems unfair. It's not what you had planned in that strategic head of yours and now it's screwing up all of the things that were supposed to come next like an epic game of dominos.

I know you're frustrated. And I know sometimes you think I have forgotten about you. But I never have, and I never will. Period.

I'm still here. Let me comfort you. Let me hold you in my arms. I will wipe away your tears. 

It isn't easy. I never promised it would be. But I promised to be here for you.

Cast your burdens on me. Cry out to me. Give me your anxieties. Give me your fears; the very deepest of them all, I can take it. 

I know that it's easier to just be upset. It's easier to be angry. It's easier to think I'm not really good after all. It's easier to numb the pain. It's easier to be distracted. It's easier to avoid the hurt. But that's not what I want for you. 

I want you to surrender. Cease the striving. Give up on your trying. Just stop. Come to me. And rest. 

Rest in my goodness. Rest in my love for you. Let me take care of you. Let me worry for you. Let me be anxious for you. Let me. 

Let me finish the story. I promise it is good.

But you have to wait. And you have to be patient. And you have to obey.

Let me.


I know it's tough, but Let God in. Let Him be the one. 

Love & Prayers,