This week I have been listening to this song on repeat, and it is so good! My friend Claire shared it on her awesome blog about being a Single Christian Girl the other day and I just can't stop. Also, if you happen to be reading this blog and are single, you seriously need to check it out. And if you just want to have a good laugh, just do it. It will not disappoint. She is seriously one of the funniest people I know.

Anyway, back to to music. This song - it is just the anthem of my week. Cannot get enough. Pop in those headphones (or crank up the volume if you're able), and just belt it out. I've been singing the lyrics to the bridge over and over again in my head even when I'm not actually listening to the song, and the words have become the most wonderful prayer of praise throughout my day:

Oh how I love You, how I love You
You have not forsaken me 
Oh how I love You, how I love You 
With You is where I want to be

No matter what comes, these words are true, and this song is a great reminder of exactly that.

Enjoy, my sweet friends.

Love & Prayers,