Amy's Story

Hey friends. So today's story is a bit different. It's a WONDERFUL story, but I tried really hard to get in contact with Bethel Music to get permission to repost it here, but was unsuccessful, so you'll have to follow the link below to read Amy's story. But first...

...I would like to ask you all for some prayers. I wanted to create this site/blog/community/whatever-you-want-to-call-it because I could no longer see over the walls I was building around me. I was tired of feeling lonely, and there was no light in the message board browsing that I seemed to 'need' to have a sense of community. For me, the message board browsing was a sad and depressing place filled with a hope in 'baby dust' instead of a loving and faithful God. 

So as I started to share my idea and ask for stories, people seemed excited about it and the response was great. I anxiously waited for their stories to roll in. One day I decided to check the email address that I had set up and it was like a chorus of angels singing AOL's, "You've Got Mail!" I had my first story! I was ecstatic. Seth and I high-fived and I danced around the kitchen. 

Then I waited for some more to no avail, so I busied myself with other things and thought about the site every now and then, but had essentially written it off in my mind. I mean, I couldn't have a site about "stories" with only one story! Throughout this time God continued to nudge me, but I brushed it off as just another one of my 'ideas' that I couldn't see to fruition.

The end of April, Seth and I met up with my cousin and his fiancé that were in town and as we caught up over some apps after work one day, Seth gave me a lead in that left me no option but to share with them my idea for the site. At the time I gave him a strained look that screamed, "What are you thinking?! You are in so much trouble!" but I pressed forward and shared with them what we had been going through in regards to infertility as well as my dream for the site. They expressed their sadness for the pain we were experiencing in the most sincere way, but their response to the site is what I remember most.

Their response to the site was so positive and encouraging that I knew in that moment that God was not about to let The Baby Wait have such a sad, short life. I came home with a passion revived, and prayed about it nonstop for the next few days. With Mother's Day approaching the following weekend, I knew that I had to go for it. I still only had one story, but it was time to trust that if I was obedient to God's call, that He would provide. 

And He has! The generosity of those that have shared such personal pieces of their lives is incredible, and I am so grateful. I think we've had some pretty amazing stories so far, no?! And as someone who doesn't really consider herself a writer, I am praising God for the help He has given me in leading me to new friends online that have such beautiful stories, as well as new ideas of things to write about and share, even when it makes me feel so far out of my comfort zone that I want to crawl under my covers and stay there forever.

Today marks 4 weeks from the official 'launch' of The Baby Wait, and let me tell you - this month has been one of the greatest months of my life! I am not kidding. This ministry is a labor of love for me, and by labor, what I really mean is, I cannot wait to get home from my day job to work on it. [For those of you that have actually been in real labor, I don't think it's probably something you 'look forward to', per se, so maybe that's not the correct word choice, but you get what I mean :-)]

Would you all please pray for this site and this ministry? Would you please pray that it continues to reach those struggling with infertility, mourning a miscarriage, or overwhelmed by the red tape and paperwork with an adoption? One of my biggest prayers is that over time, this site reaches those that don't know Jesus, and that through reading the stories on this site, that they might begin to question who he is and what he is about. 

And would you please pray for those that God is nudging to share their stories? It is so frightening to be vulnerable, but the power that accompanies owning your story is really unexplainable until you experience it firsthand. I fully recognize that so far all of the stories have these seemingly 'happy' endings, but stories of your struggle, even if you are still in the deepest of valleys, are just as beautiful, so even though some of you might still be waiting, that doesn't mean you can't share! Something wonderful happens when we expose the mess in our own lives. Walls come down, loneliness flees, and darkness fades. 

Thank you all so much for your support this month. To those of you that have reached out and expressed your gratitude for the site, thank you for your Facebook messages and emails reminding me why I am doing this! And to those of you that have been a source of continued strength and encouragement for me during this time - you are the best! I am so grateful for you.

Here's to many many more stories, friends :-)

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.  Psalm 19:14 

Now here's the link to Amy's story! Have a great weekend!

Love and prayers,