On Contentment

Happy Wednesday, friends! So I have to share something with you all... a few weeks ago I was text messaging with a friend of mine. We were talking about feeling overwhelmed, being stuck in this time of waiting, impatience, and the like, and she reminded me of a sermon that she listens to again and again because it is just that good. This sermon was really convicting for her a few years ago when it was first preached, and was so convicting for me when I listened to it the other day. The funny thing is, I totally remember listening to this sermon at church 2 years ago, but I was a few months into marriage, so I had passed the big hurdle of my 20s - finding a husband. We had just started "trying" for a baby and were obviously blind to the surprising road ahead. So I listened to this sermon, but I didn't really 'hear' it until this week when I gave it another go. It is long, but I doubt you will regret the time that you spend hearing this message. I would bet money on it :-)  Enjoy, sweet friends!

Love & Prayers,