Mallory's Story

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the wrap up of summer. I am soaking it all in. Yesterday it was the slightest bit chilly in the city and I got this quick glimpse of fall and the coming months. If summer had to end to roll into any other season I would be a total crank about it, but thank you God for making Fall the next one up, because I have no complaints! 

I have given myself a little bit of a break on the blog lately, so thank you for giving me that grace. It has been a much needed rest! And on a related note - I need more stories, friends! If you have thought about sharing your story - even if it isn't finished yet - or know someone that has a beautiful story to share, please send them my way. I know that the well isn't dry yet :-)  The Lord is too good for this to be it for amazing stories of his faithfulness.  

And with that, I give you Mallory's story! They all amaze me in their own way, but you all - God is so crazy sometimes!!! :-) Enjoy

Love & Prayers,

God has a plan for all of us, though sometimes our timing and way seems better. His plan sure has surprised us and given us more than we could have ever dreamed of – His timing, His way…

My name is Mallory, I blog at My husband and I got married on a chilly September day in 2010. We enjoyed life as newlyweds; traveling, focusing on our hobbies, and spending time with friends. In December 2011, we were hopeful to start our family. When January rolled around and my cycle wasn’t anywhere in sight – I held my tummy, knowing there was a baby in there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t. And my womb would remain empty for the next 3.5 years as each month I kept the hope up that this was it and each month I was devastated as my heart’s emptiness grew with each passing minute

After lots of testing on both of us, multiple diagnoses, and years of Clomid, Femara, IUIs, second opinions, and finally, a laparoscopic surgery that showed moderate/severe Endometriosis – this was a diagnosis that would give us very little chance to ever conceiving on our own. Our hearts were exhausted from the rollercoaster we were on. As we prayed at mass one Sunday, we watched a family of 4 adopted children sit in the pew in front of us. Each week, we witnessed the love of this family, and each week we felt our hearts reshaping and hope being planted.

All we ever wanted was to be parents. With adoption, came a peace in our hearts that we hadn’t felt in a long time. We contacted agencies, explored our options, and had lots of heart-to-heart talks about our future. We held a spot on a waiting list at a local agency – a waiting list that would take months and months to even be able to get to a home study, or so we thought!

About a month later, a social worker from that agency called us. We were selected to move forward with our home study if we were interested. Luckily for us, our social worker was close to being on maternity leave and was hoping to get our home study done fairly quickly. In a few months, we were approved and officially a waiting family – that was the beginning of February 2015.

Just a few short months later was April 2nd, a day I will never forget.

I got a phone call from our social worker that a healthy, beautiful baby boy was born on April 1st. I got to hear a little about him and his birthmom and how she wanted to meet David and I that afternoon. A bit into the conversation, our social worker said “but there’s just one thing…” and I immediately felt my heart sink. I’m glad that sinking feeling didn’t last long as she said excitedly, “he comes with a healthy baby sister! Twins!”

Twins!? Twins!!

We picked up our beautiful, full head of hair, big brown eyed baby twins less than 24 hours later! We lived in a state of shock for about a month as we settled into our new family, our new routines, with our hearts filled with so much love and joy that I couldn’t help but cry thankful tears.

As we navigated through over-night parenthood to our twin newborns, Aria and Myles, we were extremely worried about the cost of agency fees that were coming. As we walked down the hallway in the hospital with our social worker before picking the twins up, we were informed that the placement fees were now doubled. Our hearts sank. That cost was already above our heads after years of infertility testing and treatments with no help from insurance. We were hesitant to move forward with adoption because we simply weren’t sure we could afford it. We trusted God to help find a way because our hearts were already in love with these two little miracles.

Two weeks after bringing the twins home, we were contacted by a family that had recently lost their daughter, Chelsey, to cancer. Chelsey was a beautiful, courageous, selfless young woman who dreamed of adopting one day but as the cancer took over; she turned that dream into helping other’s dreams come true. After Chelsey passed, her family started the Chelsey’s Dream Foundation – a foundation to help families financially who had adopted.

The Bildstein family with the help of our angel, Chelsey, washed our worries away as they handed us a check that was the exact amount we still needed to pay our placement fees for the twins. We prayed and God provided with the help of Chelsey.  Our family was being watched over and our prayers were being answered, one after another.

The feeling of overwhelming love, peace, and joy that we felt over that first month is enough to last for a lifetime. My heart was full and healed.

When Aria and Myles were a month old, I started to look at a calendar. A little sleep deprived, I questioned where my cycle was. There was no way that I could be pregnant, was there? We had so much going on, no longer trying, and very little chance of ever conceiving. We couldn’t possibly be that family that this happens to…

I took my very first positive pregnancy test as I held my 4 week old newborn twins and cried from the overwhelming feeling of God’s goodness. God opened my womb as soon as my heart was full and just when I thought it couldn’t get any fuller – we became parents to not just one, not just two, but three beautiful miracles!

Through all of the pain, all of the years of waiting and questioning, all of the tears and feelings of hopelessness – God’s plan turned out to be worth every second of it all. Just a year ago, I couldn’t have dreamt up our future to be even half as amazing as it is now!

Everyone has a story and although it may not be what you imagined or when you wanted, it doesn’t mean it can’t be even better! My heart goes out to all those still waiting, I will continue to pray for you as your patience and strength is tested, and I will celebrate with you when your story unfolds, beyond your control, beyond your imagination.